NEWS - What is XRF?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic "secondary" (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays. The phenomenon is widely used for elemental analysis and chemical analysis, particularly in the investigation of metals, glass, ceramics and building materials, and for research in geochemistry, forensic science and archaeology.

Options for RoHS Compliance
Getting results from RoHS testing labs takes several weeks and costs thousands of dollars for each sample analyzed. With the purchase of an XRF analyzer and bringing screening in-house the benefits will be realized immediately with non-destructive testing, instant results and the elimination of costly trips to an outside lab. Using XRF as a screening tool for RoHS elements is good for business from assembly line to bottom line. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that products are RoHS-compliant. Beyond purchasing RoHS compliant parts and tracking Compliance Certificates, the IEC Guidelines recommend XRF screening as a practical and key due diligence step toward compliance.


NEWS - What is RoHS (EU)?

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union. The RoHS directive took effect on 1 July 2006, and is required to be enforced and become law in each member state. This directive restricts the use of *six hazardous materials. Everyone along the supply chain is responsible for ensuring RoHS compliance, from fabrication to delivery.

*RoHS is often referred to as the lead-free directive, but it restricts the use of the following six substances:

  • Lead (Pb);
  • Mercury (Hg);
  • Cadmium (Cd);
  • Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+);
  • Polybrominated bipheyls (PBB);
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)

NEWS - What we purchased - Alpha Series(TM)?

Innov-X Alpha Series(TM)

  • Automatically decides polymer, alloy or mixed (non-homogeneous) for error-free operation. Method is patent pending.
  • Automatically identifies samples as homogenous or “Mixed” (patent pending) for quantitative analysis or screening.
  • Best limits of detection of any Handheld XRF, especially for Cd in alloys using our RoHS Engine method.
  • Definitive Pos./Neg. Classifications for each RoHS element.
  • Tube-based system, no isotopes.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design.
  • Versatile PDA-based XRF for universal standard platform, easy upgradeability.



About Zeal International Limited

Zeal International Limited, which is established in Hong Kong specializing R&D and manufacturing of button and apparel accessories for 30 years. By three generation effort, Our company has one store in Hong Kong and four factories and offices in Shenzhen and Dongguan City.
With high quality, favorable price and after-sale service, our products are warmly European and American markets and boats a wide sales network more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. Zeal insists on using natural material, insuring most of all products to pass Environments Test.


Our factory were equipped over 60 sets of button processing machines and advanced laser lines introduced from Italy , and has a staff of 200, a 33,000 sq. ft. facility and a professional managing team that ensure that customers' orders will be executed following high quality material selection and strict flow control standard. Products can be dyed to match and most are made by natural materials, free of lead and nickel, and AZO-free stuff to meet environmental concerts.

Main products include five series of natural, polyester, metal, laser and ornaments items. 1). Natural items: shell button, Corozo button, wooden button, coconut buttons, bamboo button, pearl button leather button and horn button; 2). Metal items: snap button, press button, Jeans button, rivet, cap buckle, eyelet, washer, trouser hooks, nail heads, and alloy button, zipper, zipper puller; 3). Polyester items: like shell button, rod button, rainbow button, imitation horn button, like stone button, fancy button, imitation leather button and children's novelty buttons and buckles; 4). Laser processing: laser-engraving technology with a fully integrated computer network; 5). Ornaments items: heat transfer, Rhinestone, beads, necklace, bangle, bracelet, waist-chain, brooch, handle, hand made buckle, pearl top buckle, Chinese knot button and so on. They are widely used in garment, shoes, bags, leathers, toys and handicraft articles. Welcome to China for visiting our factory any time.

Enterprice Culture

Customer First -- Every employee of Zeal International Limited is all customer's good friend, good business officer, all have a responsibility to understand the customer's need carefully, play a role of the customer to consider, putting forward the best solution, satisfying customers with the thoughtful service.

Make People the Center -- Development employee, respect employee, treat kindly employee, melt the career of the employee and the development target of Zeal International Limited mutually, make the employees unite among the common enterprise culture, let the employee grow up with company together, make the company become a house of peace mind for life, work and study.

Team Cooperation -- Take great effort to create united and harmonious work atmosphere, make the employee's keep amity of cooperation partner relation, promoting mutually and helping each other for decided target and plan.

Push Ourselves -- Work well with one's own business, concern the business enterprise development, look into market variety, keep high sense of responsibility, experience the rains and winds in the big tide of the market economy, get to know the world, get training and grow.

Try for the Best -- Be meticulous to the work, hard be responsible for, control the work technical ability, work hard to study, raise the professional technique level of oneself.

Obey the Laws -- Be aware of self to obey the national law,the profession laws and enterprise regulation system, don't do any affair that breach the law laws and the company system.

Repay society -- Create wealth, pursue outstanding, the end purpose that wins benefit takes it in the society, using it in the society, the company and each employee is all social members, supporting the society development, concerning public welfare establishments, is the proud job that all employees of Zeal International Limited go.


Enterprice Outlook

Market share is averagely increasing by 30% annually. In the coming three years branch offices will be established in each major city in Chinese mainland, products distribute worldwide, keeping a steady growth in the same kind products, winning customer's prestige.

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